Glazing on the terrace - Krit 2 Elegant

Model: Krit 2 /elegant/
Without frame, removable, retractable glass panels offering flexible solutions for better use of space and comfortable quality of life.
Using high quality materials, specially designed and manufactured by / for Allglass Todocristal ® /, we offer solutions for better use of space and energy efficiency.

Allglass Comfort Systems specializes in the implementation of each client's needs, allowing you to enjoy the sights of natural light and landscape, avoiding bad weather, noise, dirt or other discomfort outside without ugly vertical aluminum profiles.
KERAGLASS ® Solutions
KERAGLASS-solutions can be customized to any color, shape and size
Reliable technology for high quality
Allglass Todocristal ® can be used in small or large projects, interior or exterior, and can be adapted to any shape. Recommended maximum height is 3 meters. It can be ordered in any RAL, galvanized or just in a tree-like color.

Allglass Todocristal ® - all the advantages:
• Allglass Todocristal ® is tailor-made for each client need .
• No more wind, rain, noise, dust or any other effect on the outside by increasing the use of open space throughout the year.
• Enjoy your patio , balcony, terrace , etc. all year
• Choose whatever you want tempered glass . Our system allows tinted , Sun protection , print and color .
• Easy to install . Not necessary reforms.
• It opens fully , just buy the glass back to one or the other. It can also be opened in the middle or at one of the parties .
• Very easy to use and clean . Foreign countries can be cleaned from the inside.
• Beautiful appearance , increases the value of your property and make it more secure.
• Your opinion is never interrupted.
• The most aesthetically attractive appearance. Does not change the facade.
• No lageri.Spechialna patented system as the sash slides on a surface that does not change over time. • Low maintenance .
• 10 mm high quality tempered glass.
• Fast delivery and installation .
• Five year warranty.
• Save money by saving energy. Allglass Todocristal ® is a solution for energy efficiency.
• CE marking


Detail description:   Allglass-Todocristal-Datasheet_430.pdf - 2.83MB
Detail description:   folletoGarantia_430.pdf - 2.02MB
Technical data
The recommended maximum height of panels: 3m
Recommended width: 60-70 cm
10 mm tempered glass manufactured to DIN 1249.
Laminated glass is also possible.
The glass can be color or white and the lower and upper sections in each color.
6 mm ............ 1,70 m
8 mm ............ 2,00 m
10 mm ...... 3,00 m
12 mm ......... 3,00 m

Video for House and terrace
Video 2 for House and terrace
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