Krit 1 thermo

Model: NEW!
Crystal 1 Thermo system, with thermo insulated glass specifications used in the thermo system, provides up to 5.1 times more insulation than similar systems.
Now your balcony will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Crete Thermo uses 38 mm diameter wheels specially designed with rubber coating. 8 pcs of stainless steel wheels, 4 used in the top of the panel and 4 in the base. Wheels allow the panels to move comfortably, silently and with minimal friction.
Insulated brushes, EPDM seals, brushes and / or magnetic seals are designed around the panel to be used depending on the need to isolate the end user or the project owner. Panels can be up to 80 cm wide. There is a hidden water drain built into the lower rail. This tool enables the system to release water formed by condensation on the panels from the bottom of the rail to the outside of the system.
The specially developed automatic brake allows smooth braking before closing, which prevents the panels from falling. In the heat-insulated glass panels, blinds can be built, thus allowing you to control sunlight very elegantly, without the need for curtains.

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