Glazing on the terrace Krit 1 Standart

Model: Krit 1

New practical system for glazing of terraces and winter gardens without vertical profiles. System has many benefits.

 - Extends the use and life on the terrace
is locked, which provides greater security
protects from wind and flying trash, rain, dust and reduces the volume by 20 dB
reduce the need for maintenance and cleaning of the terrace
increases the price
no vertical frames, thereby ensuring visibility
Does not require a permit to change the facade
The glass panels can move independently of the shape of terrace of 90-270 degrees, and even circular terraces
Easy to clean, all panels open inwards and can be cleaned from both sides
Security-used is toughened safety glass and 8.10 mm depending on the wind load.
PROTECT CLEAN / self cleaning glass!

System of KRIT KERAGLASS gives elegant finish the appearance of the terrace as well as plaster and protects your furniture. Glazing gives the home a valuable additional space and comfort and the feeling that you're out remarkably increases. The glazing may be combined with various locking mechanisms, in accordance with the desires and requirements of the object. 

Detail description:   varianti_308.pdf - 65.72KB
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Technical data
aluminum profile
Tempered glass / ultra white / 8.10 mm
5 years warranty

Video for House and terrace
Video 2 for House and terrace
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Krit 1
Krit 1
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Krit 1
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